About Us


I wish I had an inspiring story to share, but thankfully, my life is boring and beautiful so all I can do is introduce myself and brag about my dog. I'm Nancy, a semi-retired author--that just means I'm currently suffering a debilitating case of writer's block that I pray lifts soon. I'm a single mother of three seriously amazing teenagers and one sweetheart of a German Shepherd/Husky mix--pictured below. Her name is Scarlet and she's a skittish, cuddly little doll who weighs 74 pounds and has frequent nightmares where it sounds like she's singing to a crowd.

Now, onto my store. I created Nozz & the Beast for a few reasons. One, I love creating things. Two, I need to make a living because I'm responsible for feeding five mouths. And, three, I love the idea of meeting that basic need we all have of finding the perfect product that reflects who we are. A T-shirt, hoodie, a phone case or travel mug, doesn't matter which it is, when we wear or carry it, we're giving others a glimpse into who we are, and I like to leave behind a smirk or two. I hope you do, too, and I really hope Nozz and the Beast can help you do that.

The online shopping industry is challenging, but I'll always do my very best to offer every customer a variety of choice when shopping for a basic statement tee, a cozy hoodie, or a fashionably understated accessory. I'll only ever offer high-quality yet budget-friendly products backed by excellent customer service and friendly support.

Thanks for visiting Nozz and the Beast! Scarlet and I hope you return soon!

Scarlet the doge